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Writers Circle

Here’s how the circle method works:


We start wit a 10-15 minute response prompt which is sometimes topical, sometimes visual. This gives writers the chance to stretch a bit and also gives writers who did not bring prepared material the ability to share something if they choose to do so.


Then writers are given the opportunity to share work in whatever manner they choose, though we encourage reading aloud. We focus on content, rather than proofreading. We are there to help develop the writer’s voice rather than grade each other’s work.   One key difference is that we ask the writers what type of feedback they are looking for from the group, rather than having it be a free-for-all. We always focus on the intent behind the piece and the job of the writer being to write with intentionality.  Our success lies in the fact that this is the way many professional writing groups function when developing new work. By working in this way with all content creators regardless of experience, we foster an understanding of the craft behind creativity which in turn fosters a more critical audience experience. 


The Humanity Thru Art  (HTA) Writers' Circle is for all who wish to explore their creativity through the written word in a supportive, honest, and open group setting rooted in kindness and mutual respect. 


All forms of writing are welcome. You may attend even if you don't have work to share. If you are a lover of the written word, wish to be supportive of the journey, and wish to join the discussion, you too are welcome. 


Please be aware, this is not an open mic performance venue. While the writer may choose to share his/her work by reading it aloud, the purpose of this meet up is to provide the opportunity for both new and experienced writers to explore all forms of writing craft. 


Humanity Thru Art plans to support the craft of performance through its own group at some future time. 

Upcoming Events

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