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What We Believe In

Founded in 2013, the mission of Humanity Thru art is three-fold. We seek to provide opportunities for members of the community to explore how the Humanities can enrich their lives through practice and development of a craft based exploration of self expression.


We seek to provide opportunities for professionals to continue developng their craft by working along side other artists who share their community as well as members of the community who may develop the skill and desire to become professional artists themselves. In this way we foster greater understanding about how the community as a whole benefits from a vibrant and active professional quality, legitimate artistic presence grown from within the community. In this way, we imbue the community with higher standards that go hand in hand with an understanding of the important role all arts disciplines play in developing thriving, compassionate, and healthy communities.


Finally, Humanity Thu Art will strive to produce impactful, innovative, interdisciplinary offerings of new works along side meaningful re-imaginings of classic works that speak to the current issues of our time. 


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